Match Schedule - 2019!

See our match flyers on the contact page for the current price schedule. We will also be giving a discount to Seniors over age 62. This discount will be $5 on the one-day match and $10 on the two-day match fee.

Match Day Date
BPCR BUFFALO Sat/Sun Sep 7-8

Please Note: There Are No VIMBAR/VIMSAR Matches Being Held This Year.

Special Events at Golden Spike Range!

Test the Best and Vapor Trails
For further information on this event, please log onto or email Eric at More details are coming... watch for our flyer.

Other Events
We occasionally hold work parties out at the range. If you can come out and assist us to do maintenance on the range and help set up targets, after the work is done the range will be open for free practice shooting. Also, occasionally there will be special potluck dinners or barbecue events at selected matches.

To be notified of these and other special events, you will need to contact us to be added to our email list.

Match Rules
To view rules and equipment requirements for each event, please click your desired match from the list to the right of this page.

Please Note!

Registration for each match is limited to the first 40 shooters, and available spots can fill up fast. To be assured of a place in the match, PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY.

Registration forms are found on the Contact page.

Extra Fun After the Main Match

Side Matches (Conditions Permitting)

On Saturday we will have the 1,000 yard iron sight and scope sight match after the main match.

Bring your single shot .22 for some long range smallbore shooting (500 yards).

Conditions permitting, an airplane shoot (R/C airplanes) will be included in your entry fee. You can us any firearm you like to shoot at the airplane except shotguns.


Tracers will be allowed for the airplane shoot in May only as long as it is not too dry.