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Below are the results of the Long Range Buffalo Gong Match held at the Golden Spike Buffalo Range this past weekend. The weather started changing Friday with some cooling down of the temperatures. Saturday was sunny and a high of about 85 degrees. Scott Brown shooting at the Golden Spike for the first time, had a high score of 16 hits on the Buffalo using his Browning BPCR in 40-65. Not the first time a 40-65 has shot the high score, but that was some good shooting on Scotts’ part. Ken Myers came in 2nd with 15 hits shooting a Highwall 40-82, and Bernie Rowles won the shoot off between him, Terry Phillips, and John Rockwell, who also shot 14. Bernie was shooting a Sharps 45-70. Terry Phillips shot a 38 with 13 Center hits to take 1st place in the Creedmoore Match using his 45-90. Jim Smith shot a 35 with 10 Centers for 2nd using his 45-90, and Eric Halter shot a 35 with 9 Centers for 3rd using his 40-65.

2019 September 08 Results

Later that afternoon we had the usual bowling pin pot shoot. John Rockwell was up first, and danged if he didn’t bounce one into the pin at 200 yards. Lucky bugger! Nobody else even got to shoot! Oh well, he shoots last next time.

Sunday started out with way different weather. It stormed during the night, and another squall line came through about 0815. Another one showed up around 1400 with rain and 3/8” hail. Interesting… Eric Halter turned in a score of 63 with 9 center hits to take 1st place in the Grizzly match. Jim Smith came in 2nd place with a score of 57 with 10 center hits, and Terry Phillips came in 3rd with a score of 57 and 5 center hits. That 63 really propelled Eric to the Top Gun position with an overall aggregate of 111. Great shooting Eric.

Eric was also the lucky winner in drawing the custom knife for our match. Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate our 20th year at the Golden Spike Buffalo Range. Hope to see you all out next spring.

Good hunting this fall, Denny and Peter

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Below is the results of the Hunter Rifle Steel Match held at the Golden Spike Buffalo Range this past Saturday the 14th of September. It was a beautiful day in the 70s with light wind. Eight shooters joined me for the match, including a new shooter visiting from the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia, Daniel Giddings. He had never shot at these ranges before and did well for his first time. It was a great bunch of shooters, and we had some fun shooting.

2019 September Hunter Rifle Steel Results

Matt Murdock turned in a score of 52 with 6 center hits with his .243 Win for 3rd Place. Aaron Cummins shot a 54 with 4 center hits using his 6mm CM for 2nd Place. Abe Murdock (the “old man”) shot a 58 with 6 centers using his 6.5 PRC to take first place. He said he was a little disappointed, because he shot a 63 with 9 center hits last fall. No matter… He still showed us some great shooting.

Hunter Rifle Winners
Hunter Rifle 1st
Hunter Rifle 2nd
Hunter Rifle 3rd

This was the last match for the year, so we’ll see you all next spring. Winter well.

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