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Hone Your Hunting Skills Before Big Game Season Starts!

This is our newest event, first introduced in 2010. Since then it has become very popular among our shooter base. We have two events scheduled for the coming summer which you will not want to miss!

The purpose of this match is to exercise our hunting rifles in field conditions similar to what we would encounter big game hunting. Any hunting rifle with a light weight barrel shooting a cartridge in .24 to .33 caliber (excluding .338 Lapua and similar) may be used. Hunting style scopes, slings, bipods, shooting sticks, and range finders will be allowed. All ammunition must be loaded with lead core bullets. Target/Varmint rifles, and associated target equipment will not be allowed.

The shooting course will involve moving to four different shooting points on the property. An ATV of some sort is mandatory, as the course will cover around two miles. A minimum of three life sized steel targets of game animals will be located at each firing point. Targets over the four shooting points will range in size from prairie dogs to elk. Some of the targets will have gongs in the vital areas, which count for extra score. Each target will require 5 shots each, and the course of fire will be 60 shots for record.

The match will begin promptly at 0900 with practice from the firing line starting as soon as it is light enough to shoot.

Target Information

New! Important - Please read before shooting at GSR

It is extremely expensive and takes a lot of work to repair targets which have had holes punched into them due to careless shooting, and due to recent damage to the targets at Golden Spike Range, the linked PDF file should be downloaded and read before shooting in any of our matches. This document will tell you which calibers and bullets may be used on which targets. If, after reading this document, you are still unsure about which targets are available for shooting, PLEASE ASK a range manager before firing.

Target Information for Golden Spike Range - Click Here

Don't Forget...

Eye and Ear Protection

Eye protection is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED on or near the firing line, and this includes spectators. This rule will be strongly enforced. Ear protection, while not required, is strongly recommended.


Safety, of course, is the first and foremost point of attention in the match. We are using real firearms and live ammunition to participate in a sport that we love. With that comes the serious responsibility to pay attention to what you and those around you are doing. Everyone is a range officer, and has the responsibility to see that every shooter conducts themselves in a safe manner. Each range will have their own specific safety rules. Pay attention to, and abide by their rules. The result will be an unending source of shooting fun.