Driving Directions and Range Info

GPS Coordinates of the firing line: N 41° 36′ 48.68″ W 112° 32′ 18.75″ Elevation – 5018 feet

The Golden Spike Buffalo Range is adjacent to the Golden Spike National Historic Site (GSNHS) in Promontory, Utah. The range can be reached from either I-15 North of Ogden, Utah, or I-84 West of Tremonton, Utah.

To get to the Golden Spike Buffalo Range, from I-15 take Exit 365, State Road 83, west to Corinne, then follow the signs to ATK (used to be Thiokol) and the Golden Spike National Historic Site. From I-84 take Exit 24, south to Howell Valley and follow the signs to ATK and the GSNHS. Once at the GSNHS turn left on the first gravel service road past the railroad tracks with the “Authorized Vehicles Only” sign. Turn right up the gravel driveway to the rangers’ house, then turn left just past the embankment surrounding the locomotive storage area. Go through the gate and follow the road to the right. Pass through the gate in the next fence and immediately turn left up the trail to the firing line at the top of the first small ridge.


The first map shows how to get to the area of the Golden Spike National Historic Site (green arrow) from the I-15 freeway. Once you are near the historic site, use the second map for detailed directions on where to turn into the service road and get to the firing line.

When Entering the Range


There are two gates you must enter to access the range. At certain times of the year, cattle will be grazing on the range property; therefore, it is essential that after using gates, you leave them just as you found them.


There is ample parking for full size motor homes on the main firing line. There is also a smaller overflow area down the hill from the main parking area.

Overnight Camping and Fires

Overnight camping during matches is encouraged; however, the range does charge a small fee for this. There is plenty of space for tent camping as well as motor homes and tent trailers. The range has a fire pit near the permanent trailer and you are welcome to join us around the campfire on Friday and Saturday evenings, weather permitting. Other campfires may be built on the firing line parking area, as long as the conditions are not excessively dry and care is taken to keep the fire contained.

Water and Toilet Facilities

The Golden Spike Range does NOT have any water available, so please plan accordingly. Primitive toilet facilities are available only during regularly scheduled matches.