What is the Golden Spike Range?

The Golden Spike Buffalo Range is a private shooting range on several scenic acres adjacent to the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory, Utah. The range is a host to a variety of different types of shooting matches. It features a long main firing line from which shooters can choose from a series of steel fixed targets at ranges of 200 to 1123 yards. A changeable walkabout course with a series of different stages involving rifle and pistol targets is used alternately for Vintage Military matches (VIMBAR), USAR and Sniper matches. A new course, built in 2010 for the Hunter Rifle match, involves four canyons which must be accessed via all-terrain vehicles and features a variety of life-size animal targets ranging from prairie dogs to elk. Also available are short-range plinking targets for small-caliber rifles and a bank of swinging targets for pistol and revolver practice.

While Golden Spike Range features a full public summer shoot schedule, it is not generally open to the public except during these scheduled times. For a full listing of shooting events open to the public, please navigate to the Schedule page for more information, or click the links in the right column to go to the individual shoot that you're interested in.

During scheduled matches, camping at the range is available for a small fee. Primitive toilet facilities are available at the range, but no water is available so plan accordingly. Click here for full information on the range and surrounding area.