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Our F-Class Match was held this past Saturday, May 14th. We had 9 shooters, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. When a Utah spring day is nice it’s really nice. When it’s not so nice it really aint. So we lucked out.

Matt Murdock shot the third place score of 68 with 20 centers using 7mm Rem Mag. Ken Myers took second place with a score of 72 with 22 centers shooting a 6.5x284, and Gary Kimber shot the top score of 79 with 29 centers also shooting a 6.5x284. As a reminder, our F-Class targets are at 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1,000 yards. They are all made of steel, are round, 5 MOA in diameter with a 1 MOA swinger in the center.


We held the Hunter Rifle Steel Match at the Golden Spike Buffalo Range this past Saturday, April 30th. Weather was slightly threatening, and rather blustery, but NO RAIN. It was great to see the young shooters competing. They did a great job.

Aaron Cummins turned in the 3rd place score of 52 shooting a Browning X-Bolt (imagine that! Notice the shirt) in 6.5 Creedmoor. Adam Murdock shot a 55 for 2nd place, also using a 6.5 Creedmoor. Gary Kimber turned the high score of 56 shooting a 6mm XC. Great scores, and great shooting gentlemen!

Our next match is the F-Class on the 14th and then the Test the Best 6.5 and smaller on the 21st. See you at the range.


It looks like the weather scared off most of the shooters for the ViMBAR/ViMSAR match this past weekend. We had only 4 shooters for the ViMBAR Match Saturday, and only 3 Sunday. The weather was sunny on Saturday but with blustery wind which made it cool. First time shooter Steve Boyer of SLC came in 3rd shooting a Swiss K-31, and turning in a score of 37. Denny Wilcox came in 2nd shooting a Springfield 1903-A3, and a score of 59. Joe Brennan of Las Vegas came in 1st shooting a Chilean 1912 Mauser, and a score of 66. Anyone who knows Joe Brennan knows what a good shooter he is. Congratulations Joe.

Here are some photos of the winners.

Sunday was a bit breezy, but a lot warmer. We decided not to shoot the course, but just did some fun shooting.


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